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Document Editing Services

Our project document editing services spans the creation, edit and viewing of project works. The accompanying application presents a powerfully designed GUI with the basic Microsoft Word tools necessary for working on projects. The tools include but are not limited to font formatting tools, bullet and number lists, bold, italics, etc. We have limited the formatting tools to only the ones necessary to give your project works a tasteful finish.

Furthermore, our application makes it easy for you to copy your ongoing project write-up from Microsoft word or other word processing applications and paste for further edits.

Using this tool is pretty simple. After downloading your project from Project Store, you can copy your project in bits and paste in our portal for further edits. Be sure to check for plagiarism as you edit your work.

Eventually, with a tool like our document editing software, you can’t have a complete project write-up, edited to taste without having to purchase expensive word processors. With the Microsoft Wordpad, a free tool that comes with the Microsoft Windows Operating System, you can have a view of your work and copy it to our project editing portal.