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Project Store is number one online academic resources place in Nigeria where students come together to share their knowledge, browse, download and upload project materials. Academic Project Research has been made pretty easy and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cash out if I have not made any purchase?
Once your bonus points have reached the minimum cash-out point of 5,000, you may request to convert your points into cash, whether you have made any payments on the site before or not.
How do I register someone under me?
It’s pretty simple! While signing up on the portal, you will see the column for referral. Just enter your ID and the registered member (student) will automatically be assigned to you.
Are there limits to the bonus points?
No! One can continue accumulating his/her bonus points as much as decided. However, it will be better to cash out at intervals you the user can benefit from the money accrued from the points.