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This study focuses on the problems and prospects of married female office managers in business organizations. The population consisted of thirty (30) office. Managers in various selected organization. In these organizations 30 respondent were used for analysis. The questionnaire was the instant used for data collection. A mean distribution table was used to analyze the data collected. The data collected should that married female office managers faced the problem of combining official duties with domestic responsibilities and the problem of sexual harassment by their bosses, amongst others. In the cause of the above findings recommended were made based on the research findings which revolved around creating a cordial working relationship between the office managers and his/her boss, colleagues and subordinates. Finally, it was recommended that married female office managers should not be distracted by family affairs. She should develop an act of mechanism which concentrates her on the work as soon as she enters the office and should not let domestic affairs to intrude.

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This topic intends to look into the problem and prospects of married female office manager do not accomplish or complete favorable with their single counterparts in business organization.
Many think that married female office manager are official wives to their bosses are more or less being misused by men subjective thinking. Married female office manager have chances of advancement to higher position in their organization. They perform creditably well when compared with their unmarried counterparts. They are trained professional office managers and can use the experience and training to the best advantages when attending to visitors, directing subordinators or relating to colleagues in the business organization they also maintain very good relationships with bosses.

Who is an office manager?
An office manager is a staff or executive responsible for the smooth operation of day-to-day business of the company. Here also make it possible for other people to functions effectively and efficiently, he works closely with company partners, owners or president to meet there companies set objectives. Office manager perform the following functions:- Photocopying document, searching for information, retrieving information, arranging meetings, maintaining financial record, preparing out going mails, accommodating costumers, composing letters and memorandum, maintaining files and data bases to maintain but a few. With all the above listed duties or functions of an office manager many people begin to doubt the possibility of married female office manager adapt to the situation. A married female office manager faces with two things which are her marital responsibility and office work. In the domestic the married office manager must additional take care of the house or her house and fulfill her marital obligation. She have to give full service or take care of her children and husband. Given the amount of domestic responsibility of a problem of combining the services of her boss and services to her family. An office manager might be required to travel with her boss for conferences and board meetings, but when the married female office manager is involved, some problems are encountered as it is not easy for her to have her family being, as she travels with the boss and leaving the office at the peak time.
According to Njoku C.U and Nwosu A.N. (2010) some of the problems encountered by married female office manager may be inherited in today’s office while some include those emanating from her boss, visitors and other staff of organizations.
Those problems inherited in today’s office may be the nature of the work. A honest married female office manager will find it very difficult to cope with the challenges of the office work more especially when it comes to traveling with her boss. And again during pregnancy she is most likely to find it difficult to carryout her responsibilities. Given all these responsibilities, a married female office manager in a chosen business organization has a number of problems to encounter.
Married female office manager are misused and underutilized. They are been given jobs that normally meant for their inferiors or subordinates they are not motivated and again they are not regularly promoted and at the same time not rewarded by their employers. They are not provided with adequate equipment therefore, this research probes into the causes of this problem.

In the search for identifying the duties of married female office managers, it was discovered that they are faced with numerous problems. To be able to put in outs time in the practice of the profession. The married female office manager has the problem of combining office service and that of the domestic services. Besides, they are being provided with a poor equipment by the management which result to their inefficiency and low productivity. Above all the married female office manager are not properly motivated. It is in the process of contributing to the solving of these problem that the writer has divided to find solution that can help future researchers.
Every organizations needs the services of competent office manager that can represent them internally and externally and that can maintain their image. It is in order to achieve this objective that this researcher was carried out so as to identify the problems encountered by married female office manager and at the same time find likely solutions to the problems.

The main objective of carrying out this research is to achieve the following objectives

  1. To identify the causes of occupational problems affecting married female office managers.
  2. To highlight the problems confronting married female office managers in selected organizations.
  3. To examine the prospects of married female office managers.
  4. To recommend ways and means of motivating married female office managers.

This study answers the following question.

  1. What are the regular causes of problems for married female office manager?
  2. Are married female office managers sexually harassed and underutilized by their bosses?
  3. Do they give more attention to their personal or domestic responsibilities than their official duties?
  4. Can married female office managers be rewarded like their unmarried counterparts?

Married female office managers are of tremendous importance to the organization. This study is important to organizations and individuals in order to:

  1. Highlight the problems of married female office managers and the causes of such problems.
  2. To make likely suggestions for lasting solution to the problems confronting married female office managers.
  3. To find the prospects of married female office managers in selected organization.
  4. Finally, this study acts as a corner-stone for future researcher on the subject matters.

The scope of this study will be within the confines of the stated objective. Because of this reason, this work covers very far selected business organization. The major constraints faced by the researcher were time and funds. The time for completing and submission was not all that sufficient.
Finance was another limiting factor as the researcher could not afford or raise sufficient funds and uncompromising attitude of respondents. Some were not co-operative enough.

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