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This study examined the Electronic Office Equipment used by secretaries in modern Office. The purpose of this study is to determine the electronic factors that give secretaries and thereby enhance job performance and efficiency. Three (3) research questions guided the study. The respondents were 50 secretarial staff. Data c0ollected were analyzed using mean score of 3.00 and above. Based on these, conclusions were reached which include that electronic Office equipment of secretaries through provision of good working condition and provision of office equipment, machinery and infrastructural facilities will greatly result in efficient job performance of secretaries should be employed by organizing training and retaining exercises.

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The tremendous innovation in office equipment in the last few decades has caused revolutionary changes in both the nature of office work and the role of secretaries. Whitehead (1981). This electronic office equipment innovation which are maintained in the one of computer telecommunication and information technology posed a lot of challenges to secretaries in modern business offices. The modern business office is advanced with the use of new machines like computer for machines, electronic typewriters, word processors, telex, teletypewriters, photocopies, telecommunication equipment. These machines make up modern business offices and of skillfully utilized by secretaries, organization goals will be achieved.
Greater success has been achieved through the use of these electronic office equipment by secretaries depending on their ability to operate them. A secretary who was trained with manual typewriter is faced with the word perfect or computer in modern business office. Modern business office expert secretary to master the use of modern office equipment in view of the modern trend, Nwosu (1999).
Typewriter is the most commonly used in offices before electric typewriter was developed. The standard (18 inches) model of the manual typewriter is designed on quota, foolscap or A4 sizes of papers. Some typewriter are pica or bold characters which have ten letters on an inch or 250mm while some are elite or small characters which have twelve letters on the inch or 25mm. The manual typewriter are operated by hand, the keys are struck so that the required printers are made on the paper. Electronic-typewriters was developed and may office was equipped with it because of the advantages they have over the manual machines. The secretary exerts less physical effort and can type for much longer period than she could on the manual typewriter. Onasany (1990).
Stencil duplicator was popular in business offices and other organizations that are in constant need of large numbers copies of written materials. Stencil duplicators are used by secretaries to produce numbers of copies of any orientation, Ohakwe (2000).
Spirit duplicator produces typewriter hand written, drawn materials in a variety of colours using spirit in place ink. Spirit duplicator is so-called because the copy transcribed of inks will stencil duplicators. There are commonly used in business offices before the development of photocopying (copier) machines.
The modern business office has seen the advantage inherent in the use of modern electronic equipment, the quality and quality of production time saving probability and cost effectives, (Jolih 2000).
In the era of great innovation in office equipment no modern business office can operate effectively in the face of office competition without the secretary’s skill in operating these machines. Computer which is the centre point of electronic office equipment as viewed as the electronic instantaneously (Eyitayo 1995).
Fax machine is used in sending facsimile copies of document electronically to other offices within or outside the country. Electronic typewriter processes special function keys and displays penal capable of displaying a few lines of text. The photocopy reproduces copies of the original documents exactly as it is. The telex, teleprinter and telephone are telecommunication machines which convey information form one office to the other within or outside the country.
Word processor is a system that is used in typing perfectly correct letter and reports by automatic typewriters which is capable of making decisions according to pre-coded instructions.
The implication for employment of secretaries in modern business offices required the ability, knowledge and competence, the secretary has in processing and disseminating. Communication information with this electronic equipment (smith 1981). The machine performs different function and as such, the secretary must be versatile in all to advice organization goals. The equipment are expected to make considerable impact on the work of the modern business offices of the secretaries possesssss equipment know-how and awareness needed to put the equipment into effective use. The ability or knowledge applied by secretaries in the use of these modern electronic equipment determines the level of success to the achieved in modern business offices.

Modern business offices have seen numerous advantages arising. These equipment are installed for effective and efficient business performance. The facilities are expected to make considerable impact on the works of the modern business if the secretaries’ possesssss the technical know-how and awareness needed to put the facilities into use.
This paper is faced with the problem of generating data on the office skills required of secretaries in modern business offices. The secretaries lack skill in granting computer, fax machines, electronic typewriters, word processors, telex teleprinter, photocopies and telephone. If they should possessss the skill required of them, the modern business will reap the benefits of electronic equipments.

The main purpose of this paper is to ascertain the electronic equipment used by secretaries in modern business offices, specifically, the study will attempt to:

  1. Find out the office equipment used by secretaries and the ability in operating computers/word processors and electronic typewriters in modern business offices.
  2. Determine the offices skill required of secretaries in operating for machine and telecommunication equipment in modern business offices.
  3. Find out the ability of secretaries in operating photocopies in modern business offices.

The significance of this paper in its attempt to name secretaries has the technical know-how and appreciates the role of these equipments in carrying out their secretarial functions. In this regard the secretaries will be able to make comparison between level of their performance and status and that as their counterparts in non-, modern business.
The paper is as well significant in that it will be of great assistance to business either in the modern office and also to government establishment who may use it as a references material in directing their actions.
Institutions as higher learning especially department of offices technology and management vocational and technical education schools can use the study of update their curriculum.

The following research questions were formulated to guide the research study.

  1. How does the introduction of equipment affect the job performance of secretaries in selected offices.
  2. What challenges does automation pose to secretaries in some office.
  3. What are the changes that have been associated with the introduction of equipment.

The study is limited to finding the effects of equipment on secretary’s job performance in selected office. Secretary with the qualification of H.N.D., BA or B.Sc and above are selected due to their experience in secretarial profession.
This study would also look at the availability of modern office equipment and the challenges these machine pose on the secretaries performances.

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