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This study was a build of additional information on the extensions of knowledge in the area of secretarial profession. It stipulated the professional ethics and morality required of secretaries in the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri. Based on the observation that most secretaries are ignorant of the set of codes of conduct required of them, carrying out their duties in office organization, this research serves as guide to both executives and to employers in recruiting their secretaries. The secretaries oftentimes are faced with difficulties that hinder them from being ethical. It is therefore not out of place to conclude that the secretaries, though may encounter some obstacles in the bid to be ethically principles in the workplace, they should also strive hard to handle these obstacles with diplomacy as professional ethics and morals have great positive impact on the job of the secretary.

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In as much as there are acceptable natures of morality and ethical standards of a class or a society, also there exists same specific rules of conduct for the increasingly growing number of professional activities which refers to well rooted standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans, especially the office secretaries ought to do usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to the society, fairness in judgment or specific rules and virtues, Richard, Donald, Arnold, Bernard, Presha (2005).
Elaborating further, they explained ethics as the system of conduct, science of morals or moral soundness which depicts a professional body and its members. By the above definition, one can simply say that ethics is study that mould ones standard and imposes reasonable obligation on a particular class of people in order to act right. Therefore, a secretary who is indispensable has special jobs she/he performs in the organization and the level of her ethical conduct goes a long way in making him/her outstanding in the workplace. On the other hand, morality refers to an adopted code of conduct within an environment and a set of agreed upon rules for what is right and wrong. Morals have formed the spine of modern society, religion and every individual conscience. For example, “murder is immoral” but on the battle field murder is permissible. In a way, morality is sync with ethics, while morality is abstract in understanding. Ethics is defined in the form of written code, Iweajunwa, Nnorom, Iheukwumere, Uteh, Obeka, (2011).
Today, many professional bodies have developed policies and professional codes for practitioners and the secretary is not exempted from such rules that govern the behaviour of professionals. These set of codes of conduct are strictly adhere and inculcated in the discharge or conduct of these professional bodies. Professional ethics and morality play an important role in ensuring the continuity in the moral conduct development of the society. Besides, they enhance a stable code in the moral life of people especially here forces of simple moral commandments grow weaker or flat. The ethics and social behaviour as well as the interest of a secretary is certain only in the extent to which she puts into practice. The general principle of social and moral attributes adopted to the specific features of her/his profession, and the degree of her/his awareness, his/her responsibility to the performance and conduct of his/her job.
A low level of professional ethics and morality is a major destructive administrative and protracted consequence of the unwanted professionals as regards to their careers, e.g. doctors, lawyers, secretaries, engineers, accountants, teachers, etc are expected to behave in a certain way or follow specific codes of conduct in performing their jobs as this guards against their actions or behaviour towards bringing their professionals to disrepute.
Since secretaryship is a profession, it must have a set of codes of conducts expected from its practitioners. Therefore, this project discusses those professional ethics and morality which are required in the conduct of secretarial jobs to make for better performance.

Professional ethics and morality are part of the requirements for efficiency and productivity in the conduct of a secretary’s job. The secretary is required to keep the secretes of her employer and the entire organization in which she works with, as this determines her duration as a confidential secretary. The problem of this study posed as a question in line with Kelinger 1995 which asked such question as this: apart from keeping secrets and confidentiality, are there no other ethics or set of code of conduct for the professional secretary? In the bid to answer this question, this project is set to address and generate empirical data on the professional ethics and morality required in the conduct of the secretary’s job for a better performance.

The major purpose of this study is to determine the professional ethics and morality which are required of secretaries in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, in the conduct of their job for better performance.
Specifically, the study attempts to:

  1. Find out the professional ethics of a secretary
  2. Evaluated the impact of code of ethics on the job of a secretary
  3. Narrate the positive and negative work ethics of a secretary
  4. Enumerate the admirable secretarial work ethics and morality
  5. Identify problems and proffer solutions as well as highlights some benefits of ethical standards and morality on the job of a secretary.

For the objective of this research to be realized, the following questions are put forward as guide for the search. The responses received from them will be basis for the decision making in this project.

  1. What are the professional ethics of a secretary?
  2. What are the impacts of code of ethics on the job of a secretary?
  3. What are the positive and negative work ethics of a secretary?
  4. What are the admirable secretarial work ethics and morality?
  5. What are the benefits of ethical standards and morality on the job of secretary?

This study is a built of additional information as an extension of knowledge in the secretarial profession. The findings of this study will enhance the professionalism of secretaryship and its ethical conduct. Being aware of their profession ethics and morality, the secretary will improve the secretarial image and enhance the acceptability of the profession in the society.
In addition, this research being completed will be an eye-opener or guide for the chief executive in employing secretaries, and also for the secretaries, and also for the secretary in the performance and conduct of his/her job which will spell organizational objectives and goals.
Above all, this project when completed will serve as a reference material for prospective secretaries who may wish to be enlightened more on the professional ethics and morality required of secretaries especially in Federal Polytechnic Nekede in the conduct of their job.
Finally, it will be of immense help to other students, researchers, and even lectures who may wish to embark on similar research in the future.

This research project was highly restricted to examine the professional ethics and morality required of secretaries in Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri.

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