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Our Partnership Program

Project Store maintains a databse of project resources for all departments across Nigerian universities. Our partnership program offers technical support and training to help you sell project materials to your customers. We offer customization services based on your customers' demands. Eventually, you will make a huge part of the revenue you generate.

Sale of Project Materials

Our target is to develop and maintain a repository of 10 million well-constructed project topics and materials. We want to be have as many materials as will be enough for Nigerian students' project research works. To reach this goal, we keep gathering materials from relabble sources; updating and editing them to meet your requirements.

If you have project write-ups in hundreds and thousands and you consider your materials worth our cosiderations, you may write to us for negotiations. Send your quote to or call us on +234(0)708-366-4803, and we will get back to you withing the next 24 hours.

Our Affiliate Program

Affliation is the second level of our partnership program. This level of partnership gives you access to become a part of Project Store. Here, you are entitled to use our platforms to sell your own project materials.

We provide websites and corresponding databases for the sampling of your project materials. we also provide customizations services tailored to your demands. In this program, we will advertise your projects on our social media platforms and provide other necessary services to ensure you make reasonable sales. In addition, receiving money from your clients wont be a problem as we will receive them on your behalf, give you access to the transactions details and pay on request or as the need arises.

Eventually, in order to maintain our business standards, we verify all the project materials that are uploaded to our database. The project must meet a minimum requirement before they can be posted on our platforms.

In summary, in our affiliate partner, we will...

  • Maintain and provide services for your customers
  • Keep and update your customers records
  • Offer regular support to your customers
  • Offer premium customization requests
  • Professional training on how to use the platform
  • Receive money on your behalf
  • Get all premium modules of our platform
  • Get all the technical support for your team
  • Get updates and bug fixes